10 glasses of beer that will enrich your beer experience.

Why should we drink beer from the glass? Which beer is the most suitable for beer type?

10 glasses of beer that will enrich your beer experience.

We like drinking beer from the glass, but what type of beer do we need to drink from which glass? The answer to this question is quite clear: you can drink it with your favourite beer glass! But if you want to taste and evaluate a beer seriously, finding a beer glass suitable for the beer type will increase your tasting pleasure.

First of all, let's try to explain why we should use glasses while drinking beer. When you drink beer from its box or bottle, volatile aromatics cannot reach your nose, so you cannot adequately perceive the rich flavours of the beer. Think about how you can't get the flavours of what you eat and drink when you have a cold, you will be entitled. We can enjoy what we eat and drink with the help of our nose. Also, the foam formed when you use glasses is very useful for both your beer and you. With this foam, these flavours in your beer are kept for a longer time, and you also provide some separation of carbon dioxide that disturbs your stomach and makes it bloated.

Another important factor is the temperature that the beer has. The service temperature of each beer can be different from another. We also need the right temperature to perceive the flavours correctly. You will find that the glasses of these styles are designed by this rule of thermodynamics.

The golden rule for the designed glasses to take their current shape is to slow the loss of the rich aromas of the beer. Therefore, narrow-mouthed beer glasses are generally preferred. The narrow nozzle has less surface area compared to those with a wide rim, so that the foam of the beer stays longer so that the taste of the beer can remain the same for long.

Beer Glasses

There are many types of beer glasses to choose from, we can say that there are as many beer glasses on the market. Remember that the beer glass is more than just a glass. The type of glass you use has features that you can see the colour of the beer, reveal its aroma and increase your overall experience. Let's look at these species together.

Teku Glass

Teku glass, which is considered as one of the best craft beer glasses today and has a visually striking effect, was designed by Italian sensory experts. Ideal for using the goblet form, preventing the temperature of our hand from passing into beer, and keeping the aroma like a tulip at the same time keeping the aromas hidden.

Which beer is suitable for

Teku is suitable for all types of beer. Due to the structure of the glass, it is ideal for many types of beer as it has features such as the preservation of flavours and the ease of taste.

Cub Glass

The most important feature of this classic Pub glass is to prevent your warm palm from heating your beer thanks to its handle. These glasses are made especially thick so that thermal insulation is minimized.

Which beer is suitable for

Pilsen and wheat beers.

Ipa Glass

Thanks to the iconic structure of the IPA glass, the hoppy airs your beer in every sip and allows you to take volatile flavours while ventilating. Thanks to its long, delicate, conical chamber and recessed protruding area at the bottom of the glass, it allows you to take the hops aromas more easily as it provides easier carbonation every time you sip a beer.

Which beer is suitable for

All India Pale Ale beer types

Shout Glass

The joint design of the American craft brewers and the German Spiegelau, this cup is ideal for drinking Stout. The shape of the base reveals the rich notes of coffee and chocolate that define roasted malts and hard beers. The angle of the bottom is shaped to facilitate grip and reveal aromas more easily with the warmth of your hand.

Which beer is suitable for

All shout beer types

Tulip Glass (Belgian beer glass)

It is ideal for tulip glasses, Belgian beers and other types of aromatic Ale, as its curved structure, narrow mouth holds foam and carries aroma to your nose while drinking.

Which beer is suitable for

All Belgian Ale species, Dark Ale, Barley Wine, Double / Imperial Ale, Pale Ale, Gueuze, Fruit Lambic, Saison, Wild Ale

Wheat Beer Glass

It has a unique glass, also called a "vase", thanks to its German-style thick bottom, long shape and slightly curved top. Thanks to the shape of the glass, you can get the classic banana and clove aromas that this style has better because you insert your nose into the glass while tilting.

Which beer is suitable for

Hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen, Wheat Ale, Dark Lager

Pilsen Glass

Classic Pilsen glass that is long, thin and widening towards its mouth; It makes the shine, clarity and bubbles visible of Pilsen and other light beer. It is also preferred because it allows it to reach your nose while drinking volatile flavours

Which beer is suitable for

Pilsen, Lager, Bock, Helles Bock, Blonde Ale, Witbier, Japanese Rice Leger

Goblet Glass

The goblet glass has a thick body and a wide mouth. So it allows you to take big, satisfying sips.

Which beer is suitable for

Heavy and dense Belgian IPAs, strong ale, Dubbel, tripel and quad types

Nonic Pint Glass

Nonic Pint beer glass is very popular as a multi-purpose glass. Pint, which is widely used in England, is approximately 47 cl.

Which beer is suitable for

English Ale and Lager's, Pale Ale, Red/Amber Ale, Brown Ale, Porter, Milk Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Scotch Ale

Stange Glass

This glass, named after the German “pole” origin, is narrow, flat and cylinder. Thanks to this structure, it protects the light hops aromas and carbonation. Its classical volume is about 20 cl.

Which beer is suitable for

Kölsch, Altbier, Rauchbier