Bad news for Linux on DeX from Samsung!

Bad news for Linux on DeX from Samsung! The project was cancelled. But why it's cancelled and how users can use their phone as a computer

Bad news for Linux on DeX from Samsung!
Linux on DeX

Using a mobile device, a smartphone and a monitor as a full-featured desktop is a topic that companies have been working on for a long time. In this way, it is aimed to get users out of the desktop crap and increase the portability. Samsung, which is one of the leading and numbered companies in this field, was on the agenda with its project called Linux on DeX.

For years, Samsung has produced DeX hardware for Note and Galaxy S series phones and tablets, but the system was still running on Android. The difference of the Linux on DeX project was that the application downloads and runs a full Ubuntu Linux environment with some DeX-specific optimizations.

Is Linux on Dex Cancelled?

Unfortunately, at least for now, the project is ending. The Korean tech giant recently sent an e-mail to participants in the DeX Beta program on Linux, announcing that support for Ubuntu distribution, previously privatized by Samsung, has been stopped.

The incoming email says: “Thank you for supporting Linux in the DeX Beta program. The development of Linux on DeX has been thanks to customer interest and valuable feedback. Unfortunately, we are announcing that our beta program is over and we will no longer provide support for the future operating system and device versions. Linux on DeX will not be supported on Android 10 Beta. When you update your device to Android 10, you can't go back to the Android Pie version. If you decide to update your device to Android 10 Beta, we recommend backing up the data before updating. ”

Starting with the Android 10 beta version, Samsung continues to announce that Linux support for certain devices will be completely removed from DeX. This may be because the third-party operating system emulation that Samsung uses to make Linux run in the first place somehow conflicts with certain rules or security policies that Google has implemented in the latest Android version.

Regardless of whether this is the case, we recommend that you regularly back up your data if you are currently using Linux with Dex. Because, considering current developments, Linux on Dex may no longer work properly, even if you stay on Android 9 and don't update your phone to the new Android operating system.

Although it is not as useful as Samsung's, there are other applications similar to Linux in DeX. And, this change only affects Linux on DeX. Samsung’s desktop Android launcher and UI will continue to work.