Best Batman Movie Ever: Batman Begins

Today, we are reviewing the cult movie Batman Begins, why it's so good and why it's the best movie in all Batman Series...

Best Batman Movie Ever: Batman Begins
Batman Begins Movie Review

Best Batman Series: Batman Begins

The inevitable repetitive format of mainstream superhero comics is also an obstacle to their good cinema example. So how did Batman Begins achieve an original adaptation even from his successor, The Dark Knight?

Writing a character like Bruce Wayne is so much fun. because he is rich, handsome, extremely intelligent, athletic and has access to advanced technology. Therefore at least there is nothing to prevent you from writing. If you want to stop a bank robbery on the same day, wander around with two supermodels, then return to the giant mansion and analyze the explosives used in a bank robbery in its state-of-the-art lab, I wonder if it's too exaggerated? You can easily write without thinking. because you have a truly limitless character.

Batman Begins Wallpaper

However, being able to write whatever you can think of does not really require you to write them. Because every job you do to Bruce Wayne will take him a little further away from the everyday person. Although this difference may seem impressive at first, the result is a character that the audience cannot connect with. “It's already a superhero movie. Why should we seek realism in the character? ” you might think. However, if the audience cannot connect with your main character, they will not react to the bad situations that happen to you and you will eventually write a failed story that no one cares about. Let's say you tell the story of two races that are not closely related to humanity fighting in an unknown galaxy. Basically this story is also not real, but you need to add “real” themes such as protecting loved ones, friendship, betrayal, struggle, survival so that people can establish a bond and continue reading the story you have written or watching the movie you shot.

Therefore, this freedom, which was seen as an advantage at the beginning, is the place where people who write the script shed the most. However, Batman Begins to get out of this situation somehow. Yeah; Although it is not easy to connect with a billionaire playboy apparently, they have worked so hard on the character that you feel like you are following Falcone's case while cutting the Batarang on the edge of Bruce. Let's see what they have done in the movie and they have managed to overcome this obstacle that looks like the Great Wall of China.

  Warning: Contains post spoilers from this point   

Bruce Wayne Making Mistakes

This series would never connect there, but from a broader perspective, basically, a human being, Bruce Wayne, is one of the leaders of a union with a team of aliens and people with superpowers, justice league with his work and determination. He achieved this leadership by his superior work, by analyzing every situation to the finest detail and making the right decision in every situation.

Bruce Wayne Wallpaper

However, if you write your story in this way, your "human" character will set off to a position like a demigod. This prevents the viewer from connecting with him. Because people exist with their mistakes and it is not possible to connect with a person whose every move is correct.

So at the beginning of this movie we see Bruce Wayne making a mistake. His childhood trauma is already known. Here he has a clear desire for revenge. This desire for revenge is not only shown through dialogue. Bruce goes to shoot a man who takes a full gun and kills his family. Of course, he cannot come close to committing this murder with the twist of fate (also the producers and the studio). Maybe if he had the opportunity, he would not be able to pull the trigger as well, but his mistakes and weaknesses like a person make him a more believable character.

Bruce Wayne's wealth

The real reason that Bruce Wayne is distant to people as a character is a wealth he was born into. You cannot reach by two houses or by car. Even if you work, strive, set up a business, even if all the steps you take are working properly, it is not a fortune you can reach. We are talking about such richness by making the metro system in the city for good guys. so even if you watch the movie with a great cinema system at home, it is very difficult to establish any connection with Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne Car Window

That's why they completely ignore this wealth at the entrance of the movie. Bruce opens his eyes in a prison in Nepal, probably in a way we don't know why. the head is falling off and we even see that the "fall" here is fighting in the mud to increase the tone.

But the wealth is so big that you can't hide it by a prison fight or wearing a homeless man's jacket. Therefore, first of all, they show the mansion, which is the biggest symbol of fortune, in a closed and lively way. Later in this scene, they make Bruce tell his anger to his own family so that the aura that the Wayne family created is destroyed. In this way, they prevent that wealth from interfering, at least until the character warms up.

Bruce Wayne's Transformation Human to Superhero

Every superhero movie has a transformation stage. Here is Tony Stark, he buys hammer and welding machine, builds mark suits, and makes a spider-man net throwing machine. Bruce is a bit lucky in this regard. Because everything he needs is already prepared. He just needs to go to the warehouse. The convenience that exists here for bruce is also there for the authors. In other words, it is a great boon for the person who writes a belt in batman and to be able to remove whatever scenario requires from that moment.

However, as I said a little while ago, what you write is unlikely to be believable. For this reason, in this construction part, they explain all the technical features of Bruce on Lucius Fox. For example, the cape that makes it fly on the right and left is actually a specially produced cloth that flows through it. The pistol system that you can use to get over the buildings is the reel system you know. Even the armour is very expensive, it is a piece of unused equipment. So even if they're not real, all the added details make everything we see more believable.

Batman Begins Batmobile Wallpaper

Also, the design here is very important. Everything normally used by batman is called bat-reel, bat-glasses, batmobile, and a bat symbol is added somewhere in its design. For example, there is no symbol in the armor here. Everything else has been produced so that it is suitable for military, not batman aesthetics. For example, the periscope that Batman gives to Joffrey Baratheon is similar to the equipment used by swat teams.

Of course, we should also talk about batmobile when it comes to equipment. My favourite Batmobile Batman is the tool used in the animated series. but in this movie, the word batmobile is not even mentioned. The produced vehicle is called tumbler and it is something between a race car and a tank. The feature that stands out in the design is its functionality. In other words, they could make a much more beautiful design than the tumbler if they wanted, but the tumbler looks both very strong and destructive. Also, they did not hide the functionality, for example, on the stage where the car went up to the roof to jump on the roof, the wipers of the vehicle are clearly visible. This is the view that a person expects from the tank. so even the idea of ​​a tank that can jump from roof to roof seems convincing to the viewer just because of its design and the underlying idea of ​​its design.

From Where to Where: Bruce's Evolution

Preparation and development are compelled to be told in the starting story of each superhero. However, after gaining character power, I am not going back here normally. First, there is no need to dwell on this. because once the audience got the main idea. It is not believable that he could beat so many people if he was a superpower like character Bruce Wayne.

So even though they didn't show us the same workout over and over again, they distributed everything so well. for example, when Bruce first came to the headquarters of the league of shadows, he was fighting Ra's al Ghul. Here Liam Neeson's character counts the name of all the techniques bruce uses one by one. So "How can a good man beat twenty people?" They give the answer to the question logically.

However, as I said, this idea is scattered. so if you touch this only once, you're unlikely to be credible. we watch the Bruce started to do push-ups as soon as he wakes up to consolidate the idea. This takes us to a certain extent, and ultimately they show the bruises that are proof that our character has been hit. So "ok he beat that guy up, but he got beaten up." They ensure that the character is consistent in their universe.

Batman's best side character: Alfred

Batman Begins Alfred Wallpaper

It's an absurd situation when a person wears a bat costume and beats the criminals. So if you take the movie very seriously, you give the audience a lot of material to be kidnapped. But Bruce is famous for not laughing. I'm throwing this pilot, there's no chance to joke like a Deadpool.

They used the characters of Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Fox to break the ice formed here. Michael Caine, who plays Alfred, already has both charismatic and friendly. That's why they wrote the famous single sentence but funny lines of Alfred. Likewise, Morgan Freeman is a very talented actress for both comedy and drama. He watches with pride and does not neglect to laugh under his moustache.

This extravagant humour is also required in the movie. Because if you don't make humour in the movie, the audience starts working on their own, which causes the movie to go downhill. After asking fifty questions about open armour, Bruce Wayne must say that I will use it in the cave dive and the Fox has to make fun of him. Or when Bruce says "I need something like a car.", he says "Wait, I'm in the tank park, let's take a look at it." replies Fox. Then, while touring in the garage, Bruce has to open the afterburner so that Fox has a joke. Because if it is told very seriously, the realism of this set is destroyed and a set is created between you and the character that will never be overcome. which makes it almost impossible to like the movie.

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If you have a character like Bruce Wayne, you can even travel on the roof with the tank. However, you have to make even a superhuman character, which has so many features in it, to be connected in a way that the audience can be included in the film. Otherwise, I will throw a war movie and your main character will be something like a commando. No one can stop him, man, neither suffer nor be affected by cold. You need to show that even this character is upset when his friend dies. Because no matter how different the cinema is, it basically tells people.

Batman Begins Ra's al Ghul Wallpaper

Bruce Wayne is also one of those who chose to fight against injustice, even within all this richness, bounty and limitless possibilities. So you can use these facilities to impress the audience, but you need to set a reasonable level so that your audience can be a link with the character that opens the secret passage by pressing the keys of the piano and that quest for justice reaches the audience in away.