Canada, the country has the most unique nature

Article about where to go in Canada, who is Canadian from celebrities and places to visit.

Canada, the country has the most unique nature
Canada, the country has the most unique nature

About Canada

Canada is a country which is located on the northern side of North America. Canada's capital city is Ottawa. Its general weather is cold. Although the country is too large, it's population is high, likely 35 million. Most dwellers are living in large cities. These are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

How is the economy in Canada?

Canada is democratically constitutionalized. Its economy is highly developed. Canada has the ninth good economy in the world.

How is the education system in Canada?

The education level is high and Canada has the most educated population in the world. People's life expectancy is also high. Some of the people are colonized, others are native, called aboriginal people so its culture is quite complex.

How is Canada for travelling there?

Country's tourism sector is mainly based on winter tourism, because of its climate. And also nature tourism has a part in the economy. So Canada is basically a very nice place to visit if you like nature. Also, you may find the Canadian accent very different.

What languages do people speak in Canada?

The official languages of Canada are French and English. But nearly everybody speaks English, so if you can read this, surely you won't have trouble in Canada.

What do people think who have visited Canada before?

A country that must be visited because of its natural beauties and unique nature. If you like cold places and nature, you must visit there.

Places to visit in Canada;

1) Stanley Park

Where to go in Canada

Stanley Park is the number one place to visit. This is the most beautiful park in the world. It is a paradise that stretches into the Pacific ocean with its calm environment, plant diversity, visual wonders, Native American totems. Walking or cycling tours here may have a memory you will remember for your lifetime.

2)Banff National Park

Banff National Park e1uk Canada

Thanks to Cascade Mountain in the north and Sulfur Mountain in the south, the town of Banff is famous for its magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountain view. Travellers luxury hostels have a hard time choosing between the irresistible combination of dusty snow, famous restaurants and energetic nightlife. Thanks to its charm in both summer and winter, Banff attracts visitors to its shops, spas and slopes throughout the year.

3)CN Tower

CN Tower e1uk Canada

CN Tower opened in 1976, the second tallest structure in the world. CN Tower is at an altitude of 553 meters, reaching 447 m/s with elevators that travel 0-400 meters in 50 seconds, but users are likely to be disturbed by the pressure change. The observation cruise point is 'Sky Pot' with 447 meters and you can buy a ticket for $53 (+65 age $49, 4-12 age $43). Edge Walk (Sky terrace) with a glass-paved floor at 346 meters is available with a ticket of $38 (+65 $34, $ 4-12 age $28). In addition, those who are looking for excitement can take 'Walk in Edge' walk on the 1.5 meters wide ledge located at a height of 365 meters without relying somewhere and finally get a certificate. Apart from the viewing terraces, there is a restaurant rotating 360 degrees, 2 cafes, an arcade and a shop of souvenirs in the CN tower.

4)Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontaio Museum Canada


Designed by world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, the building resembles a crystal mass, contains dinosaur, meteor and more than 15,000 fossil species, including natural history, as well as works from China and Africa in the 20th century. Specifically, animal and plant samples that are in danger of extinction, especially the world's largest flower 'Rafflesia Plant', are remarkable. The entrance fee to North America's largest World Culture and Natural History museum, which can be visited between 10 and 17.30, is $ 20 (+65 age $17, 4-14 age $14, 15-19 age $16.50), children under 4 are not free of charge.

5)Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake Canada

It is an amazing place that must be seen. Of course, if you are going with your car, you should set off at 04.00 and be there at 05.00 at the latest. Otherwise, the car park is full and you can reach it by shuttle at 08:00 in the morning. Take a day off, canoe, climb the rocks and walk around the lake and enjoy.