Dietitian Burcu Ustad received the best dietitian of the year award

Dietitian Burcu Ustad was awarded the best dietitian of 2022 by Medica Derma!

Dietitian Burcu Ustad received the best dietitian of the year award
Dietitian Burcu Ustad Maltepe

The winner of 2 different awards as the best dietitian of the year and the best regional slimming specialist of the year, given by Medica Derma company every year, has been announced! Dietitian Burcu Ustad was awarded two separate awards in 2022 for the attention, care and effort she showed to her clients.

Maltepe Diyetisyen Burcu Üstad

According to the statistics measured on January 9, 2023, the Dietitian and regional weight loss specialist, who received the most positive notifications and positive comments from their clients, were determined. Dyt Burcu Ustad, the owner of 2 awards, was presented with 2 separate plaques. Burcu Ustad, who took care of her clients in both Maltepe and Kartal districts and won awards in 2 separate clinics, received her awards in Maltepe.

Who are the Medica Derma Awards given to?

Medica Derma's awards are based on a statistical measurement they make among their dietitians. According to these measurements, dietitians who receive the most positive feedback from their clients, provide the best service and are most satisfied with the clients are determined. These measurements are made every month of the year, and the best dietitian and regional weight loss specialist of that month are selected. At the end of a year, the employees who receive the most positive feedback are rewarded with a plaque.

Medica Derma has many services such as skin care, laser hair removal, derma shine, doctor's procedures, regional slimming and dietitian services. Medica Derma company, which has been serving with 16 branches for more than 20 years, is one of the most popular care companies in Istanbul. In this company, which has hundreds of employees, awards are given to separate departments. These awards are presented to people who show the best performance of the year in that section.

Dyt Burcu Ustad, who was selected as the best dietitian of the year and the best regional slimming specialist of the year in the reports made this year, is the first dietitian to win 2 awards at the same time.

Who is Dietitian Burcu Ustad?

Dietitian Burcu Ustad graduated from Istanbul Medipol University in 2019. He completed both the Nutrition and Dietetics Department and the Psychological Counseling Department with honors in the double major program. Burcu Ustad, who graduated with honors for showing the best performance in her department, now sees her clients at Maltepe Kardelen Medical Center and Kartal MDR Polyclinic. The dietitian, who has been accepting outpatients for more than two and a half years, specializes in regional slimming, weight loss and adolescent & child nutrition, serves all his clients with care.

Specializing in the fact that dietitian and psychological counseling should not be separated from each other, Specialist Dietitian says that while taking care of his patients, he also evaluates their condition and prepares a diet list accordingly. "I don't write a diet list by heart without understanding people's psychological state. I prepare healthy lists by understanding everyone and providing psychological support. In this way, my clients do not get stressed because they will lose weight, and they do not become upset or angry while dieting." she specifically states.

People who need Maltepe Dietician and Kartal Dietician services can go to the website of Expert Dietician Burcu Ustad and make an appointment here.