How to Protect From Coronavirus While Shopping?

What Should We Pay Attention To Protect From Coronavirus While Shopping? How you protect yourself from Covid-19

How to Protect From Coronavirus While Shopping?
Shopping in Coronavirus Pandemic

Experts warn that you should not go out unless it is mandatory due to the COVID-19 outbreak caused by the new type of coronavirus. Of course, shopping is one of these imperatives. So what should we do or not do for a sterile shopping?

How do you protect yourself from Coronavirus while shopping?

How do you protect yourself from Coronavirus while shopping?

These methods are suitable for those who go to the market and for those who use applications such as online shopping. Its implementation is not a meticulous one, it is a must for those who want to stay healthy. According to researches, Coronavirus; It can survive up to 3 days in plastic and metal, and up to 1 day in cardboard. So do not go shopping if you have breathing problems or if your age is over 60. Go shopping alone! The number of people will increase the risk. Make a list and plan your purchases to get at least 14 days of products. Don't touch anything you don't intend to buy! 

  • First things first, disinfect the shopping trolley in the supermarket. You can do it with disinfectant. Clean all the surfaces you intend to touch. 
  • Wear gloves correctly and before you go into the supermarket. Do not put your hand near your face.
  • Don't touch anything unless you take it.
  • Don't touch your skin with gloves you wear.
  • Don't get near people.
  • Take attention to not touching other people's trolleys.
  • Use gloves until you get home.


How to protect from Covid-19 the products you bring to home?

How to protect from Covid-19 shopping

If you bring your products safely to home, it's good. But this doesn't mean your products are safe now. It's important to taking care at home too. Products aren't durable last 3 days are increasing risk too much. If you bought bread or something like not durable, it's more important and more complicated to decontamination them. Here is how you protect yourself from the products you bought.

  • Select a place to put your bags on. For example kitchen countertops.
  • Disinfect the counter where you will put the products before you put them in your kitchen.
  • Divide the workbench in half to identify two areas, clean and dirty.
  • Put the products that come from the market into the part we consider dirty with their bags.
  • If the products you buy are durable, keep them in a suitable place for 3 days before use. do not even take it out of the bag.
  • Wipe any plastic-coated product that any person may have touched in 72 hours. Do it with a disinfectant napkin and place it on the clean part of the countertop.
  • Take the products you can separate from the bag, such as bread with the packaging, put them in a clean, air-tight plastic container with a lid without touching the bread
  • Immerse fruits and vegetables in soapy water, wash each one for at least 20 seconds. After washing the washed fruits and vegetables, rinse them into the clean part of the counter.
  • Don't touch the dirty part without protection, if you touch it, clean your hands with washing them for 20 seconds. Do it without touching anything else. 
  • Always use protection. Especially, if you have somebody over 60 years old. Don't let them get near the products you bought.


How should you use disinfectant to protect from Coronavirus?

Disinfectant using to protect from Covid-19

Almost all disinfectants cause respiratory irritation when inhaled. When disinfecting the products, make sure the area you are in is well ventilated. If you use a spray, hold the disinfectant towards the napkin you use, not the product. Try not to breathe disinfectant.

Disinfect your hands with water and soap whenever you can. Disinfectants only for surfaces and packages. Otherwise, remember that your hands may get skin diseases such as eczema in a short time.