How to protect from Coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading around the World. Learn how to protect yourself from Covid-19 outbreak.

How to protect from Coronavirus
How to protect from Covid-19 outbreak

Coronavirus is spreading around the world. Covid-19 first discovered in China. When experts research that disease, they found its origin at Wuhan's wet market. Nearly 3 months, it becomes a global outbreak. In this article, we will write about how experts recommend people to protect from Covid-19.

The first and most important thing, Wash your hands more!

Yes, it seems like not much. But washing your hands more is very important to protect from it. Experts say, washing your hands for 20 seconds have a very important role in protection. If you are using public transportation, often going to market, you most likely touching things more than hundreds of people touched before. That is not effective if you don't touch your mouth, nose or your eyes. But, you must clean it before you do it. So, wash your hands properly.

Don't get near people more than 1 meters!

Coronavirus doesn't reveal symptoms in first 2-7 days. If you infected and didn't implement a disease test, you simply couldn't know you are infected or not. That's why Covid-19 spreads so fast. People you connected during a day may have coronavirus disease. How to protect yourself from that? Simple, if you must communicate with other people kindly ask for more personal space. But don't do it if you don't have to. If the person coughing or to close, protect your mouth and nose with your clothes or napkin.


Dont use a mask if not necessary

Maybe masks look like they protect you from Coronavirus, but they actually not that powerful as people think. Theoretically, they are protecting your mouth and nose, it prevents airborne viruses from entering through the respiratory system. But the Covid-19 virus is not an airborne virus. If you don't get near people and if you protect your personal space, simply you won't need to mask. But why we don't recommend if it's effective? Because stocks are running low around the world. People really need them in hospitals, airports and several places like crowded that much. Don't waste it if you at alfresco.


Stay at home!

To make them all countless, stay at home. That is the most effective method to protect yourself from Coronavirus outbreak. Do it if you can stay at home.