Netflix Action Movie Watched Without Blinking: Extraction

Review of the 2020 Netflix movie Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth and a few little-known information about the movie.

Netflix Action Movie Watched Without Blinking: Extraction
Extraction Movie

General evaluation of the film;

The extraction movie is definitely the best job of Netflix recently. A kind of movie to be watched on a big screen in the cinema. Shooting techniques, the atmosphere is very successful. But, unfortunately, the cliché script and bad storytelling overshadow the overall film. Joe Russo, one of the directors of the Avengers, used all the Hollywood stereotypes we know in the script.

The film tells the story of an ex-soldier Tyler who is trying to save the kidnapped boy of another mafia by a mafia in Bangladesh for money. As Tyler is in Afghanistan when he lost his 6-year-old child from cancer, he is constantly on the lookout for internal reckonings with him. After a while, he has an emotional bond with the child he saved. As the dangers increase, he decides to save the child from dangers, not for money, but for the child to live. But unfortunately, the director cannot reflect this emotional bond to us as an audience. this is probably because they place too much emphasis on action scenes.

Besides all these, the fight scenes are really successful. In most scenes, the one-shot technique and the tracking shot technique, which can be considered technically the same, were used. Although this is evident in car chase scenes, the cuts are more or less obvious. Many different shooting techniques were used than the fight scenes in the action movies we know. Chris Hemsworth suits the role very well. There are some actors, it really looks aesthetic in front of the camera. Chris Hemsworth is one of them. Such films really suit him. I think that every action scene is taken out of the whole movie.

A few interesting facts about the movie;

  • The one-shot action sequence in the movie takes exactly 11 minutes 30 seconds.
  • The film was shot in Ahmedabad, India. the people went crazy to see Chris Hemsworth. many fans waited on the set for 15 hours to see Chris.
  • Extraction is the first movie of director sam Hargrave.
  • "You don't drown because you fell into the river, you drown because you gave up." his words are quoted from Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.
  • Actor David harbour was called "estancia Los changes" in Argentina. it was a real location in the city of córdoba, Argentina.
  • Pankaj Tripathi played in place of Manoj Vajpayee.