Protect your store with Sterile Gates

You can protect your store and loved ones with sterile gates. How do they work, how do they protect and sterile the person who comes by? All of the answers is in this article

Protect your store with Sterile Gates
Sterile Gates

Covid-19, world biggest and newest pandemic... Shops started to open in Europe. But what are the precautions? How do you keep yourself safe and shop? Well, the solution is Sterile Gates...

How do they sterile you?

Sterile Gates are product of the lastest technology, they are using detection systems and detect your facemask and sterile you when you pass inside them. Your facemask maybe protects you from airborne contamination, but they don't protect you from touching places contains Coronavirus. When you pass from a sterile gate, it sterile your clothes and shoes, so the chance of infected by touching is reducing very much.

Where can you use Sterile Gates?

You can set up a gate very easy, therefore, you can use Sterile Gate in everywhere you want to sterile. But the sterile gates are mainly used in shops, libraries and generally where the public is. You can get your sterile gate by clicking this link

What are the benefits of Sterile Gates?

Sterile gates are very useful for protection from Covid-19, they have temperature measurement, 360° All-directional Disinfection, and over-temperature alarm. They can detect your facemask, and easily controlled by an LCD screen. You can get your Sterile Gate from this link.