The military went down the street! Why did George Floyd die?

What's going on in America? The soldier went down the street! Why did George Floyd die?

The military went down the street! Why did George Floyd die?
George Floyd Protests

"I can't breathe!" George Floyd, who killed the police by pressing the knee while being detained in the U.S. He won the memories of the whole world with his words. On the other hand, the killing of Geroge Floyd during detention suddenly turned into racism protests in the USA. So what's going on in America? What did George Floyd do, why was he killed? Here, after the George Floyd events, Trump commissioned the soldiers. Army troops landed on the street! Here is the latest situation in the USA...

George Floyd | Black lives matter

Trump ordered, the army came to the street

"I can't breathe!" George Floyd protests, which are engraved in the memories of the world with his words, continue to spread. So what's going on in America? What did George Floyd do, why was he killed?

Let us immediately state that the President of the USA, who described the events as "Terrorist action", assigned the soldiers to suppress the events. Army troops landed on the streets.

President Trump spoke about the incident

President Trump spoke about the incident

In the garden of the White House, Trump made statements about the protests that started and grew against the death of George Floyd in the country.

Emphasizing that his duty as the president of the USA at the beginning of his speech was to protect the country and his people, Trump said, "I have taken an oath to protect the laws of our country. I will keep this promise for the American people, who are rightly annoyed by the brutal murder of George Floyd. He never died for a sake. " said.

On the other hand, drawing attention to the violence in the streets, Trump said, "We will not let the right shouts and peaceful demonstrations be suppressed by angry crowds." said.

Accusing some state governments and local administrators of "not taking the necessary precautions" against those involved in violent acts, Trump said that people's workplaces were plundered, healthcare workers struggling with new types of coronaviruses could not escape their homes from fear, and important buildings and churches in Washington DC were damaged.


Justice for George Floyd

Trump said, "All this is not peaceful protests, but acts of internal terrorism, the destruction of innocent souls. Spilling the blood of an innocent person is a crime against humanity and a crime against God. America's security, not destruction, formation, operation, not anarchy, safety. needs justice, not hate, and justice, not chaos. " said.

Why was George Floyd killed?

A US citizen named George Floyd was on charge of fraud. During his detention, he strangled because of his throat. Due to the horror experienced, the moments were recorded been by those passing by. In his last moments before his death, George Floyd asked the police to shoot the knee, saying "I can't breathe". However, the police, who did not care about Floyd's cry, strangled 46-year-old Floyd.