The Whole Story Behind The Matrix Trilogy

The whole story behind the Matrix Trilogy. What is animatrix about, the complete story of Matrix Series

The Whole Story Behind The Matrix Trilogy
The Whole Sotry Behind The Matrix Trilogy

Matrix is one of the most cult movies ever. The shooting quality, visual effects, CGI is incredible. But, did you know Matrix is inspired by philosophy and mythology? Yes, one of the most iconic movies of all time, has made some references to mythology. But today, we will be interested in the whole story of Matrix.

How does the Matrix started, What led to happen all?

The story begins with the people discovering Artificial Intelligence. At the beginning of 21st, people achieved to create artificial intelligence and let all the hard physical human work done to those robots. People seem like very comfortable with that at first, because they have more time for themselves. All the workers change with those robots, all the constructions, all the hard workers replaced by those robots. Also, that artificial intelligence started to improve itself, learning about their jobs and starting to do magnificent services with upgrades. But, humans happy life is changed very quickly with the first murder of human by a robot. A Robot named B1-66ER.

B1-66ER, The whole story of Matrix Trilogy

With the first robot's murder, which is working as a house servant, people afraid of that situation and started to destroy robots. They put them in mass graves, pouring it all into the sea. Those who can survive, run from capital cities and go to Africa, to reunite with others. Those who can escape from humans lynch, started a new nation, improve themselves and created a factory can make much better quality electronics then humans. With that, they started to dominate all the economy of the world. When they were growing, people starting to panic. Leaders of the most powerful countries decide to meet and find a solution to the problem. But when they started, the most unexpected thing happened. 2 Robots from their country showed up and said they wanted peace.

2 Robots from animatrix, The whole story of Matrix Trilogy

They were wearing human clothes and they seem like very friendly. But the human leaders quickly make them disappear. Also in that scene, they refer to Adam and Eve with that apple and holding hands. Also, some people like to believe they were presenting the first sin.

After the leaders make those robots gone, they made a war decision and started a war with that robot country. But the war started very bloody for them. Because robots can make themself more strong with steel and human's protein body cannot resist to metal soldiers. So when people understand they cannot win this war, leaders gathered again. They made a meeting and started to discuss a strategy. When all the ideas were running out, someone comes with an idea. The idea was scorching the sky. Blocking the sun and make the sunlight dependent machines run out of energy. That is the idea will change everything and also, this is what is Morpheus telling Neo in 'Welcome To The Desert Of The Real' scene. So, everybody thinks that strategy will work. After that meeting, all of the human nations started to scorch the sky. They named that strategy as 'Operation Dark Storm'.

Operation Dark Strom, The whole story of Matrix Trilogy

But the plan is didn't go well for humans. Machines started to take prisoners and use them as an energy source. After that happens, people know they will going to lose that war. A second machine confronted people. But that machine seems not friendly like the others. The machine said, if humans give their flesh as an energy source they will be placed in a simulation inside of their brains and live a dream with other people. The machine told the people will be happy inside the simulation. And human leaders sold all the humans flesh for not dying but living inside of a simulation.

What is Matrix, Who developed it and how many versions are there

Matrix simulation program developed by a program called 'The Architect'. They connected people to The Matrix by using a transmitter mounted behind of humans head. By that, Matrix program has a line between persons brain and body. Matrix works with that line and transmits signals from the simulation. So when the person wants to move a hand, Matrix cut the signal and receive the signal from its transmitter. After that, it process that signal, calculate results and send a signal back to the person's brain who is connected to Matrix. When all that process is happening, the person thinks he or she is moving a hand, but in the real world, they don't really move. When the 7 Billion people connected to the same dream, there is no difference between real-world and simulation. So the project Matrix Program has begun.

There are 3 versions of The Matrix, the first version created for humans who connected first. It was a world nobody suffers anymore nobody can feel pain and people cannot be harmed. But the people who came from the real world started to be unstable and didn't accept that simulation. After a while, they started to die. Machines lost very big fields and started to find a solution. And then The Architect created the second type of matrix, also it got help from a program called 'The Oracle'. Oracle find out if you give a human chance to choose, 99% of them accept any habitat or any rule. So the second type of matrix has begun. The Architect designed the version change it like a human can have a choice.

The second Matrix is started very well at first, but there was a flow. If the human makes a choice to break Matrix rules, they can do that. They make physics rules be bend. Also, they can leave Matrix if they choose it. So continuing with that version of Matrix is accepting people can wake up from simulation at the point they believe and choose to leave it. Slowly people started to leave the simulation and create a city called 'Zion'. So The Architect decided to destroy Zion every time they reach the limit.

Where does the Matrix movie start in the story?

So The Architect created 3rd generation of Matrix, added agents like 'Smith'. Smith program is working like antivirus and prevent people from leaving simulation. They kill if they have to. But The Oracle added a new variable to the equation. 'The Chosen One Program' is created by Oracle. The Oracle has detected the solution of perfect balance could be achieved with peace between humans and machines. So she prepares a program, the program could give a human to stretch all Matrix rules and bend it as possible as the program host imagine. She tried 5 times with the chosen one program. Yet, every time the program fails and Zion was destroyed.

At the 6th time, she meets with Neo. She gives the abilities of the chosen one to Neo with a cookie in the first movie. If you didn't realize, spoiler alert... Neo was just another person in Matrix. Oracle chose him because of his hearth. He was just a normal person in simulation. When The Oracle and Morpheus meet for the very first time, Oracle told him there was a chosen one who rescued the first person from Matrix and the chosen one will come back. She told Morpheus, he will find the chosen one.

After Neo eats that cookie, he felt better of course, because now, he has the power of the chosen one program. He created such a big difference, got the attention of agents. he tried to delete Agent Smith, but the Smith program has chosen one powers after Neo's attempt. He came back as a system virus. That's why he can copy itself in the second movie. By the way, the ship named Osiris, discovered machines are digging for reaching Zion. If they will reach Zion, it will be a mass murder and Zion will be destroyed.

After all of that, Oracle meets with Neo once more, she gives him a red candy. That was a program, which is giving the ability to control and see machines in the real world. Neo eats that candy and stopped a machine outside of the Matrix. In the second movie Neo, Morpheus and Trinity are trying to reach to the source to prevent Zion from being destroyed.

But in the end, Neo confronted The Architect. The Architect told him everything about the real story and gave Neo to choice. The right door leads to the source, if he chooses that door, he will be able to choose 23 people to build a new Zion. The left door leads back to the matrix. If he chooses that door he can go to save Trinity but Zion and all the people connected to the Matrix will be destroyed.

The architect says that happened 5 times before and the host of chosen one program chooses the right door and reset the system. But Neo chooses the other door and save Trinity from falling. Now they have to deal with machines coming for Zion, also Smith has cloned himself a real-world person. Archived to reach the real world and destroy one ship.

After that, Neo return back to the real world and stop a machine with powers given by Oracle. He falls to the ground and faints. Got stuck at between two worlds, and got saved by his friends. He goes to talk with the Oracle, and she told him he needs to go to machine city and talk with the Matrix Program. Neo and Trinity set off together to the machines city. On the road, Agent Smith controlled human strike to the Neo, made him blind. But the powers of Oracle gave him, he can see programs in the real world. He kills Smith but Trinity was gone too.

Meanwhile, machines reach the borders of Zion and the war was started. When Neo arrives at the machine city, he talks with the Matrix program and makes a deal with it. If he can stop Agent Smith, machines will leave Zion and live in peace with humans. The machine connects him to the Matrix, he and Smith started to fight. At last, he understands they are equal, he or Smith cannot win that fight, he let Smith copies into his body and destroys himself. Machines keep their word and stop the war between Zion and Machines.

At the last scene, Oracle and The Architect were sitting on a nice view. Peace has been achieved. People who want to leave Matrix are free to leave. And the story of Matrix ends here.