The world has suddenly changed, but there is a constant that will outlive us all

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The world has suddenly changed, but there is a constant that will outlive us all

The week in Review

with Jason Deane

This time last week, when I wrote my last update, England still had a Queen, Boris Johnson was still Prime Minister, and Putin’s forces were still advancing, albeit slowly, in Ukraine.

How quickly the world changes.

The news of the passing of her Majesty affected me more deeply than I expected and, from what I can glean, this has been the case for many. The last time I had felt emotional at the passing of such a regal figure was, of course, Princess Diana, and I can’t help but wonder if Her Majesty would approve of such a thought.

Her last official act was, ironically, to usher in yet another change in the British political and economic landscape, inviting the “pro crypto” Liz Truss to take the reins of power.

However, we can only hope she fundamentally understands the difference between “Bitcoin” and “crypto” since her latest statements seem to imply more of a focus on stable coins and crypto technologies.

In other words, assets that are linked to TradFi or have some form of centralised control system. It’s a step forward, but perhaps not as far as we’d yet like to go.

Meanwhile, in a bold counter attack, Ukraine has decimated Russia’s defences in Kharkiv Oblast and also made gains elsewhere.

The combination of modern weaponry, smart strategies and Ukraine’s steely determination has meant that Russia will find it impossible to come back from this without a general mobilisation, a route that Putin cannot afford to take without serious fallout. Even pro-Russian bloggers have acknowledged that Russia “has already lost”.

When the war began, many considered Russia’s military to be the second best in the world. This disastrous campaign has confirmed that, in fact, the Russian army is the second best in Ukraine and its days as a super power are almost certainly behind it – at least for the current (and next) generation.

This, perhaps, may be one of the reasons that the Russian central bank is currently re-considering its anti-crypto stance as it begins to understand just how much the world is changing and just how far behind the nation will find itself if it’s not careful. We’ll see.

This time next week, Ethereum’s merge may well also be in place. My view on this is well documented and constantly gets me into trouble with Ethereum supporters, but I still find it ironic that this move to proof-of-stake is happening just as the massive benefits of proof-of-work are really being understood. How will the markets be affected? That, frankly, is anyone’s guess.

Meanwhile, honey badger don’t care what we mere humans get up to. Bitcoin remains flat in dollar terms, but my Twitter feed remains full of new developments and, especially, new mining deployments, clearly reflected in the continuously growing hash rate across the globe.

In a world of uncertainty of our own doing, there is, after all, something reassuring about the constant stream of blocks quietly ticking by in the background. It is the new constant that will ultimately outlive us all.

Long live the King!

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