What is contract furniture and how to order them?

How can you order special furniture from Turkey, for your restaurant, bar or cafe? Ordering furniture, chairs and more in this article!

What is contract furniture and how to order them?

Furniture plays a significant role in designing an office for business purposes. The design of your office furniture is highly relevant to create a comfortable working environment for employees and to impress clients when you invite them to your office. Especially in industries like fashion, beauty, and others, interior designers are often hired to create designs that perfectly complement the furniture with intricate details. This is where the need for contract furniture arises. Particularly in restaurants, bars, or hotels, these furniture pieces must be exceptionally comfortable and of high quality.

Why choose custom-made furniture?

Custom-made furniture is generally necessary for concept bars, restaurants, and cafes. It is essential for your furniture to align with your overall design concept. Additionally, businesses such as airports and hotels require furniture designed to have a corporate feel. Custom furniture stands out from standard furniture because it is specifically tailored to your needs, and customers instantly recognize the added value it brings to your corporate identity.

Custom furniture, especially in Europe, tends to be very expensive. Not every company manufactures custom-made furniture and chairs. Only a few companies do, and they can demand exorbitant prices for each custom project. Their demand for high prices is somewhat justified because custom furniture requires special fabrics and craftsmanship. Since labor costs and fabrics are expensive in European countries, custom-made furniture will be significantly more costly than regular furniture. Placing a large order for chairs in a restaurant, for instance, can make you forget about other expenses immediately.

So how can you have custom-made furniture?

You can place orders for custom-made furniture from abroad. Especially in countries like Turkey, where inflation is high, labor costs will remain minimal compared to the Euro and Sterling. Therefore, it is more sensible to order furniture of the same or even higher quality from abroad.

However, it is crucial to agree on important points and take precautions when dealing with such companies. Especially if you are placing a large order or require a significant quantity of furniture, you must ensure the quality of the furniture. In particular, for concept restaurants, bars, and similar establishments, the durability of furniture is of utmost importance. Therefore, it is essential to deal with large furniture companies, especially those that produce every part of the furniture themselves.

What should you pay attention to when having furniture made in Turkey?

There aren't many companies in Turkey that specialize in designing custom concept furniture. You may not be able to reach about custom chairs from Turkey an agreement with some of the existing companies.

In this regard, there are several important factors to consider, including:

  • The company must have previously exported furniture to Europe and offer shipping and other transportation options.
  • The company must have experience in exporting custom orders to places like concept cafes, bars, or restaurants.
  • The company must produce all parts of the furniture themselves.
  • Pay attention to the terms and conditions stated in the contract.
  • Check their references and contact previous clients to gather accurate information about their furniture and the process.
  • They should be capable of using any color and fabric, and producing furniture seamlessly in any design.
  • They should be able to provide smooth service, even for large orders.

By working with companies that fulfill these criteria, you can have your custom furniture made. Custom furniture is produced in the city of İnegöl in Turkey. The factories and workers there have years of experience in the furniture industry. Among them, York Furniture is the most experienced and reputable company, with a significant number of furniture exports from Turkey. They meet all the requirements listed above.

How can you place an order for custom furniture?

If you have a concept idea for a cafe, restaurant, or bar, you should start by discussing it with your interior designer. The interior designer will likely have ideas about colors and fabrics. After that, you can contact York Chairs for furniture from Turkey. They will offer you a competitively priced, top-quality product along with their suggestions. Your furniture will be prepared within the agreed timeframe and shipped to the location of your choice.

When shipping, York Chairs takes special care to package your items meticulously. This ensures that you will not receive deformed or broken furniture upon arrival. You can showcase the quality of your business by presenting your customers with high-quality furniture at affordable prices.