Who is the "Doğa Vurgun" known as Zion Lacroix?

Today we will introduce you the director named Zion Lacroix. Find out about the movies he made and who he is!

Who is the "Doğa Vurgun" known as Zion Lacroix?
Who is the

Today we will introduce you the director named Doğa Vurgun, known as the Zion Lacroix. Find out about the movies he made and who he is! Born in Istanbul and living in Milan, Doğa Vurgun continues to make a name for himself with his works published under the name Zion Lacroix. Zion Lacroix, whose works have been published in many fashion, culture & art magazines in Italy and Turkey, with the projects carried out with global brands; His latest fashion short film “Prelude”, which he shot in Milan, met with the audience in Times Square, the heart of New York, after its screening at Milan Fashion Week.

Who is Zion Lacroix?

Although he is only 29 years old, he is a director who stands out with his talent. he mostly shoots fashion movies and lives in Milan. He started to take part in some film festivals with his short films. I think he published the last movie he shot in times square. We are likely to hear his name more often soon. He was born in İstanbul 8 Feb 1992.

Towards the end of 2020, the artist, who became popular with the clubhouse, asked the audience, "When did we lose our excitement for tomorrow?" with the link he established between absurdism, skepticism, eroticism and traumas. Seeking an answer to his question, the artist writes the fine line between fake and real with his unique style.

Movies of Zion Lacroix:

Prelude (2021):

Every beginning becomes an end of yours, and mine, and us and this world. Because every ending
has something to do with beginnings.

Today, everyone and everything is more cruel, more hungry and more violent. We're becoming more foreign to each other. Becoming more distant to
each other and running away at full speed.

And you, what about you? Are you going to keep drifting away in your gray and helpless life?
Or are you going to remember who you are and start listening to your own feelings and mind?

Listen. See and read. Prelude.

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La Storia, Il Sogno (2019):

Rome is invited to revisit and revel in Bvlgari’s rich history. Castel Sant’Angelo opened its doors for the grand unveiling of Bvlgari.

A uniquely curated collection, celebrating Italy’s jewelry masters. The exhibit is open now and runs until November 3rd 2019 in Rome.

Journey Through Bvlgari’s Garden (2018):

From 1917 to Fiorever; the newest
jewelry collection by Bvglari

Tribute to Femininity (2018):

Magnificent jewels in a majestic setting.
Bvlgari takeover the Kremlin in a tribute to femininity from September 6th 2018 until January 13th 2019 in Moscow, Russia.

L’Espace Cru (2020):

We believe that it’s important to know
where your cloths are coming from, who’s making them and how they are sourced. We believe that transparency is the key to sustainability in the fashion industry. Hold your favorite brands accountable,
hold us accountable. We know we will.

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