Why Characters Using City Names in La Casa de Papel

The name of each of the characters is taken from the famous cities of the world in La Casa de Papel, the soundtrack of 2017. Names were given by chance, does it make sense?

Why Characters Using City Names in La Casa de Papel
La Casa de Papel Wallpaper



Popular show La Casa De Papel in Netflix, choose to name characters from Cities who fought in World War 2. But how did this affected the series and why they choose it like this?

Berlin (Germany)

He was the one most hostage to hesitation. Especially after 1936, I resembled the hostages of the peoples with the reluctance of the Nazism despotism of Europe. Some peoples rebelled and resisted both in the war and the series.

Oslo (Norway), Helsinki (Finland)

Oslo and cousin in Helsinki show. In the second world war, Norway and Finland were occupied for strategic reasons. Oslo falls first in the series. Oslo (9 April 1940) is one of the first countries to fall in the war in Norway.

Denver (USA), Moscow (USSR)

Sometime in the series Denver (USA) and Moscow (USSR) turn secret work from berlin and act together against him. Already in the war, the USA and the USSR were in alliance against Germany. they even experienced disagreements afterwards. But if Berlin had the opportunity to regain control, it would eventually lose control. and eventually showed great resistance, but could not escape the expected ending.

Tokyo (Japan)

Japan really likes to act like a maverick per Tokyo. This raid made the war spread all over the world. "You're leaving a disaster behind you. " Moscow said to Tokyo.

Rio (Brazil)

Although brazil sent troops to war, it was not one of the decisive aspects of the war. Rio did not do anything to directly affect the result / final of the series but was involved in the process. Even Italy, France (at least for a while) was out of the way, Brazil remained unnoticed until the end of the war. Rio seemed to fail sometimes, but while leaders like Berlin and Moscow couldn't make it, Rio managed to bring it somehow.

Nairobi (Kenya)

As Tokyo has quoted in the series, Nairobi's only concern is that the heist ends smoothly as soon as possible. Though it is a blow to berlin sometime, we can count it instead of the uprisings and unionization movements in the country during the second world war. it is considered a revolution before the country.