Will we all have infected by Coronavirus?

Do we all have infected by Coronavirus? Does Covid-19 will stop in 2020 Summer? All answers in the article, learn how to minimize your risk.

Will we all have infected by Coronavirus?
Will we all have infected by Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Pandemic affected 750,000 people right now. It started in China, Wuhan in December 2019. At 31 December 2019 WHO said pneumonia is sickening dozens in China. From that nearly 750,000 people infected. Nearly 35,000 people dead from Covid-19. In closed cases, there are 18% resulted in deaths. So in this case, we will discuss how do we protect ourselves, how to protect elder people, our children and loved ones.

How to protect from Covid-19?

How to protect from Covid-19

The first and most important precaution is hygiene. You should pay more attention to your personal hygiene. You shouldn't limit this to washing only with soap and water. Long nails, long hair and beard, open wounds in your body, and anything that involves risk should be properly cleaned. You take risks every time you go out. For our readers, we have already written about how to protect yourself while shopping and How to protect from Coronavirus. But when we write about protection, it was not a pandemic yet. So keep that in mind and take more serious precautions.

The second most important precaution is staying away from people. The Covid-19 patient doesn't have symptoms before 7-14 days. That means simply you cant know if the people you connected have the Coronavirus or not. Staying away from all the people and self-quarantine is the healthiest solution. If you must go shopping, read our article: How to protect yourself while shopping.

Will we all have infected by Coronavirus?

This depends on where you live. Sadly to say that the coronavirus pandemic most likely affects at least one person you know. But it is up to the government and people to change it. If you follow the rules and take care of your cleanliness, you reduce the risk. If everyone does that, we will make a big difference. The main problem is not people getting infected or not. The problem is when people infected, will health resources be sufficient? Covid-19 is a disease that affects the airways and lungs. When people are infected, they are kept alive in critical situations by providing artificial respiration. If a large number of people suddenly become ill, they may not be able to save everyone because of the number of artificial respirators and the limited opportunities of healthcare professionals.

So if we look at China for example, they are started to fight with limited knowledge and China is the highest populated country in the world. People are so close together, street food and much more disadvantages they have. Yet, they have nearly 1.4 billion residents, and 80,000 people of them infected. China is considering this war is over for them. If you calculate it, this is 0,01% of their population. New cases and death rates dropped to very low levels. 

But this calculations doesn't mean all the countries will have the same results. If people will act maturely and follow the precaution rules, they will most likely survive without infected by Coronavirus. 

When will the Covid-19 Pandemic end?

Coronavirus Lineer Update 30 March, 2020

It will take longer than people expected. But it still depends on how people act and how many of them follow the rules. Nearly all the countries have closed borders. Governments took all important measures. But this pandemic has a logarithmic curve of infected people. A curve that is seen in all countries. At some point, it starts with an infected person. It is rising fast, even out of control somewhere. It's very important what the government and people will do in this part of the curve. The consequences can be very serious if the government does not take the necessary moves in a timely manner or if people do not heed these warnings. But if they will, the curve is starting to stop rising and after reaching the top, it starts to descend.

In this curve, if healthcare professionals and medical competencies are able to handle the number of patients, they can be saved without too much loss. The Covid-19 Pandemic curve for global is still rising. Experts also said it will be much worse in future. So when it is rising, our role is keeping our family and loved ones safe. Although no one knows for certain, it is thought that at some point the number of infected people will reach the maximum. One or two months after this happens, Pandemic will come to an end. The proportion of cases that will result in death is related to how fast the rising part of this curve is. If the number of infected people does not increase suddenly, the number of deaths may result in a very low number.