Wrong and Unproven Methods in the Treatment of COVID-19

Since COVID-19 disease is a disease that humanity has just met, we hear a lot of right / wrong things about it every day. We will look at methods and disease-related methods that have not yet been proven.

Wrong and Unproven Methods in the Treatment of COVID-19

The general and great anxiety about COVID-19 makes people more willing to "try everything", which can make them feel like the situation is under control. In this way, many of the right and wrong measures are spreading all over the globe with the help of social media. Painkillers, antibiotics, illicit drugs, drugs and false surgical masks were seized in operations carried out under the command of the Europol and Interpol in Europe.

The world health organization has described the spread of counterfeit products and advice as "infodemic" and a war that will continue as long as the COVID-19 outbreak continues. As a result of the measures taken, for example, Amazon has removed at least one million uncertain products from its digital shelves in recent weeks, and two suspects in the US have been taken under investigation with the claim of profiteering after manipulating the stocks to price 18,000 hand sanitizers.

Fake COVID-19 test kits were sold in Kenya, and people tried to test themselves by taking these tests.

A post shared more than 30,000 times on Facebook in more than a dozen countries, including India, Nigeria, and the United States, claimed that holding your breath for 10 seconds is an easy way to test COVID-19. You hold your breath for 10 seconds and if you can do it without coughing, you're not COVID-19. Hundreds of messages entered under this post shared by this world account have written that they are grateful for this valuable information.

You can find the claims about coronavirus published by AFP fact check here. these claims include:

  • UV light, chlorine and high temperatures can kill COVID-19 (false-unproven)
  • Red soap and white wipes prevent coronavirus (false)
  • Hot air from saunas and hair dryers to prevent or treat COVID-19 (wrong)
  • Using water in the ablution ritual kills the coronavirus (false)
  • Believing that cow dung kills coronavirus in India and thousands of people washing in cow dung piles (wrong)
  • Outbreak of disease outbreaks during the election in the USA (let's not comment on this, it would be better)
  • Claim that bananas prevent coronavirus infection (false)
  • Claim that smoking protects a person from COVID-19 infection (false)
  • The claim that Cristiano Ronaldo will turn his hotels into coronavirus hospitals
  • Claim that consuming boiled ginger can cure new coronavirus infections (wrong, unproven)
  • Claim that drinking water with lemon could prevent COVID-19 from circulating online (false)
  • Claim that volcanic ash can kill coronavirus (false)
  • Claims that some drugs in the trial are being eaten coronavirus (false)
  • Claim that runny nose is not a coronavirus symptom (false but not valid in every case)
  • Claim that vitamin d is effective in preventing new coronavirus infection (unproven)
  • Cannabis increases immunity to new coronavirus (false)
  • Thai doctors' allegations that HIV therapy improves the coronavirus (false, unproven)
  • Claims that black people are more resistant to COVID-19 (false)
  • Claims that Chinese herbal medicines inhibit the new coronavirus
  • Green chiretta plant can prevent new coronavirus
  • Claims that Tinospora Crispa plants can treat new coronavirus
  • Claims that drinking boiled garlic juice prevents COVID-19

While it is actually very easy to get the right information, sometimes deliberate misinformation and methods such as these have caused more than 30 thousand casualties recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. The only thing we have to accept right now is that there are no precise or curative methods. Trying to keep our immune system strong with proper nutrition, personal - general cleaning and reasonable methods, which we have forgotten in the past years without COVID-19, are the best things we can do.